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Suzuki Music Council

Suzuki Music is governed by a Council consisting of up to 12 Teacher and Parent representatives.

The role of the council is to:

Provide strategic direction
Approve the strategic and business plan
Development and approval of policy
Monitor performance of the organisation
Monitor communication with stakeholders
Monitor effectiveness of internal controls to manage risks
Monitor compliance with policies, laws and regulations
Monitor the appointment and appraisal of the General Manager (and other staff)
Financial underwriting of approved activities

2020 Annual Report

Council Members


Margaret Bland

Teacher Vice President

Toni Robson

Parent Vice President Chloe Huang

Chloe Huang



Piano Committee Representative Miriam Choi
PD Committee Representative Toni Robson
Violin Committee Representative Moirsheen Kelly Keesing
Flute Committee Representative Kate Bergen
Cello Committee Representative Vacant
Guitar Committee Representative Peter Newnham
Parent Representatives

Chloe Huang, Jonathan Tabensky and Alice Wong



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