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89a Canterbury Road
9am - 4pm Mon - Fri
Suzuki Talent Education Association of Australia (Victoria) Inc
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Suzuki Music is the trading name of the Suzuki Talent Education Association of Australia (Vic.) Inc. We are a non-profit association of families, teachers and other interested people based in Victoria, Australia.

To be recognised as providing a music education experience of exceptional quality.

Learning to play a musical instrument with Suzuki Music will enable every child to experience the power of music and develop as an individual of exceptional quality.

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Winter Festival 2017 Web page - applications have closed
Tuesday 11 to Saturday 15 July (Teachers - violin/viola, cello, flute, guitar, piano, voice)
Wednesday 12 to Saturday 15 July (Advanced student program- violin bk6+, viola bk5+. cello bk6+, flute bk5+, guitar bk5+)
Thursday 13 to Saturday 15 July (Standard student program - violin bks 1 - 5, viola bks 1 - 4, cello bks 1 -5, flute bks 1 - 4, guitar bks 1 - 4, piano all students, voice all students)

Winter Festival 2017


Dr Shinichi Suzuki


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