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Choosing a Suzuki Teacher

Once you have decided that you would like your child to learn music via the Suzuki method, you need to find the right teacher to work with you and your child. It is an important decision, as the relationship may become a long lasting one with a great impact on your whole family's musical experience.

Teachers must undergo specialised Teacher Training to become an Accredited Suzuki Teacher. Teaching Suzuki is much, much more than just using the Suzuki books! Once accredited, teachers are expected to remain members of their local Suzuki Association and regularly attend professional development sessions to maintain, refresh and update their skills.

To locate a teacher in Victoria, please see our Teacher Directory. If you do not reside in Victoria, please contact your local Suzuki Association.

It is advisable to observe lessons with a number of teachers before making a decision. The three-way relationship between teacher-child-parent is very important so it is crucial to be working with someone that you both like and respect.

Things to look for when observing lessons include:

How does the teacher communicate with both the parents and the children?
Is the communication positive and supportive even when making corrections?
Do the families waiting seem happy and relaxed?
Is the studio an organised, friendly place?
What is the range (both standard and age) of students in the studio?

You may wish to talk to the teacher about the following:

What is their training and involvement with the local association?
What are the teacher's expectations and do they have a studio policy that outlines fees, lesson cancellation
procedures and notice required to end lessons etc.
Do they have regular group lessons and concerts?
How is reading introduced?
How do they feel about exams or competitions? (if this interests you)
What is their commitment to maintaining their Suzuki Membership and Professional Development?

You may have other questions that you would like to ask. A good Suzuki teacher will encourage your questions and answer them willingly. You may also wish to talk to families from that studio about both their experience and Suzuki in general.

Teachers set their own fees depending on their qualifications and experience. Your local Suzuki association should be able to give you a guide to what to expect in your area.


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