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Teacher Training

Who are Suzuki teachers?

Suzuki teachers are people who are passionate about music and believe that every child has the ability to play a musical instrument. They range from under-graduates to highly experienced teachers, many of whom are professional musicians.

Why become a Suzuki teacher?

Being a Suzuki teacher is an extremely rewarding profession where you will work with truly committed parents who enjoy learning music with their children.

Benefits of becoming a Suzuki teacher include:

an internationally recognised qualification;
a professional structure for studio teacher;
a huge support network for teachers, both locally and overseas;
the opportunity to develop and explore teaching techniques through an established repertoire;
regular professional development activities to keep you abreast of best practice in music and
regular access to the best Australian and international teachers and performers through
    conferences, masterclasses and workshops;
a multitude of activities for you and your students including concerts, ensembles,
     masterclasses, holiday schools and Suzuki Graduation.

Since its introduction to Australia about 37 years ago, Suzuki has become a major force in instrumental music teaching. As parents and students experience the results, demand continues to grow. This has led to an increasing need for qualified teachers.

How do you become a Suzuki teacher?

Teachers must undergo specialised training to teach the Suzuki Method. The Suzuki Association in each state or country provides part-time courses of teacher training in the various instruments. Applicants are chosen by audition and interview.

Once accredited, teachers are expected to participate annually in professional development workshops to ensure their professional growth and maintain their teacher status.

In Australia, State Suzuki Associations are one of the few bodies outside universities providing fully structured courses in instrumental teaching. These part-time courses are provided at three levels, Primary, Intermediate and Advanced. All trainees must undertake the Primary Accreditation Course, regardless of prior teaching experience. Instruction is provided by qualified Suzuki Teacher Trainers. Victorian Suzuki training courses have been accredited by the Victorian Music Teachers' Association (from Primary Level onwards) and by the Institute of Music Teachers (for Advanced Level).

In Victoria, training is offered in the following instruments: Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Guitar, Voice and Suzuki Early Childhood Education (Pre-Natal and Baby Music). Persons wishing to undertake voice teacher training should refer to the Suzuki Voice website for more information.

For more information:

Email or phone 9830 0433.

For further enquiries regarding subsequent accreditation levels or Suzuki Early Childhood Education

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