Yuko, a Suzuki Teacher


“It’s been a great musical and personal journey with my students since I started working as a Suzuki Method Piano teacher in 2010 with my very first student who was 3 years old.

I enjoy every moment helping students, step by step, to progress their learning and sharing a great sense of achievement with them.  Being a Suzuki piano teacher is a special profession which enables a  long term relationship with each student and their families.  We go through happy and difficult times over the years and build deeper connection with them by musical life together. I have grown as a teacher and as a person along with personal and musical growth of each child.

As a part of the Suzuki program, I run group classes as well as private lessons. It has a great impact on building up the connection between peers.  They enjoy making music together and listen and play for each other. It is so encouraging and inspiring rather than having a competitive mind.  Now I have a full studio with different ages and level groups of students; older students look after younger students and younger students look up to elders and they work really well together. Each student has so many possibilities and it is my privilege to give my support and guide students and walk along with them in the process of becoming a great human being.”