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History of Suzuki Music

Dr Shinichi Suzuki was the founder of the worldwide music education movement known as the Suzuki Method. Born in Nagoya, Japan in 1898, he was the son of Japan’s first and largest violin manufacturer. Although he worked in the factory as a child, he had never learnt music formally.

Suzuki Method

Suzuki Talent Education or Suzuki Method is an approach that uses music education to develop personal character and ability. It is based on a philosophy which embraces the total development of the child. Dr Suzuki’s guiding principle was “Character first, ability second”.  

Suzuki Music Victoria

Suzuki Music Victoria is an incorporated, not-for-profit association of volunteers and paid staff, formed in 1980. We exist to serve the growing community of over 1000 Suzuki students and the parents, teachers and schools who support them. 

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We Exist To : 

  • Encourage the use of the Suzuki approach to music education by sponsoring or conducting conferences, workshops, concerts, graduations, festivals, demonstrations, etc.
  • Maintain and improve the standards, understanding and teaching of the Suzuki Method.
  • Provide teacher training and assessment of teachers leading to accreditation.
  • Publish and disseminate information on the Talent Education movement
  • Maintain links with other Suzuki bodies nationally and internationally.
  • Co-ordinate the administration of student graduations.

Suzuki Music Victoria is a member of the Pan Pacific Suzuki Association (PPSA), which in turn holds its membership through the International Suzuki Association (ISA).  Victorian Suzuki families and teachers have access to Suzuki workshops and events worldwide. Teachers are granted a license by the ISA to call themselves Suzuki teachers by being a member of Suzuki Music Victoria.

One of our greatest strengths is the collaboration, refinement and dissemination of ideas that occurs via this worldwide community. 


To be recognised as providing a music education experience of exceptional quality.


Learning to play a musical instrument with Suzuki Music will enable every child to experience the power of music and develop as an individual of exceptional quality.


As a not-for-profit association of teachers and families, we will provide:

  • Access to high quality, trained teachers and other resources for families
  • A wide variety of performance and enrichment activities for students at a reasonable costs
  • Accreditation, on-going professional development and a support network for teachers
  • A commitment to the pursuit of excellence in the teaching and learning of music in Victoria.

Suzuki Music Council

At the local level, Suzuki Music Victoria is an incorporated, not-for-profit association governed by a Council of up to 14 teacher and parent members alongside specialist representatives as required.

Council members are elected at the Annual General Meeting, generally held each May. Any financial member is eligible for election.

The role of the Council is to:

  • Provide strategic direction
  • Approve the strategic and business plan
  • Development and approval of policy
  • Monitor performance of the organisation
  • Monitor communication with members
  • Monitor effectiveness of internal controls to manage risks
  • Monitor compliance with policies, laws and regulations
  • Monitor the appointment and appraisal of the General Manager (and other staff)
  • Financial underwriting of approved activities

Suzuki teachers gain their accreditation and professional development through Suzuki Music Victoria but are not generally employees of the Association. 

Suzuki Music partners with accredited teachers and schools and provides a level of endorsement for those who fulfil the annual accreditation requirements and uphold the code of conduct.  We do not play a role in the business practices or policies of individual teachers or schools.  

Where parents or employers have concerns about accredited Suzuki member teachers, provisions are made to raise these with Suzuki Music through our complaints and dispute resolution processes – available via the member login section of this website.

Staff and committees

The running of the association and organisation of events is shared between our paid staff and the many volunteers who serve in many committees and working groups, including:

  • Professional Development committee
  • Festival committee
  • Instrument committees
  • Staff management committee

Suzuki Music and Child Safe Standards

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