Violin was the first instrument in the Suzuki Method with the repertoire selected by Dr Suzuki himself. Students (ages 3 and up) have individual violin lessons, attend regular group lessons and have the opportunity to play in Suzuki Music’s solo concerts, holiday workshops and festivals both locally and internationally.

The violin has a bright, cheerful tone with a wide range of expressive capabilities. This instrument was loved by all, from street musicians to the nobility, throughout the ages the violin has been a favourite of composers and remains so today. It has a rich and full body of repertoire written for it, including concertos, sonatas, various combinations of instrumental chamber music and works for unaccompanied violin. It also makes appearances in modern folk, jazz and pop music.

There are 10 books of Suzuki Violin repertoire beginning with simple folk melodies and Baroque dances, traversing the span of Western Classical Music via favourites such as Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart. Violinists have many opportunities to play in groups such as orchestras (where there are two sections of violins), string quartets (two violins, a viola and a cello) and piano trios (violin, piano and cello).

Following Dr Suzuki’s method, with its aural approach, your child will develop a reliable tone quality and sense of rhythm, the ability to always play in tune, and will increase their powers of concentration. The Suzuki teacher delays music reading until the student’s basic technique is established, and then reading is well taught. Just as the child learned to utter simple sentences before they began to learn to read their mother-tongue, they will be able to play simple tunes before music reading is introduced.

Violin is small and therefore easily transportable. It accommodates a very large range of fractional sizes for children so there is a size to suit anyone. It is recommended that you do not buy a violin until instructed to do so by your teacher. Because Suzuki method is an aural approach which focuses on producing excellent tone from the earliest stages it is essential to have a good quality instrument. Choosing an instrument suitable in size as well as sound quality and mechanical facility is important to create a smooth and positive learning experience.

Suzuki Violin Teachers have undertaken specialised training and receive ongoing professional development and teacher training specific to children, music and Suzuki Method. As a group, there are a wide range of teachers and teacher levels in Melbourne and throughout Australia.

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