Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Suzuki music

Vision and Mission Statements

Suzuki Talent Education Association of Australia (Vic.) Inc.

Reg No. A5744 ABN 14 080 413 955

Suzuki Music is the trading name of the Suzuki Talent Education Association of Australia (Vic.) Inc. We are a non-profit association of families, teachers and other interested people based in Victoria, Australia.


To be recognised as providing a music education experience of exceptional quality


Learning to play a musical instrument with Suzuki Music will enable every child to experience the power of music and develop as an individual of exceptional quality.

As a non-profit association of teachers and families, we will provide:

Access to high quality, trained teachers and other resources for families;

A wide variety of performance and enrichment activities for students

Accreditation, on-going professional development and a support network for teachers;

A commitment to the pursuit if excellence in the teaching and learning of music in Victoria.